Single-sided polishing machines

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From prototyping to mass production, the polishing machines signed DSC SA allow to realize different surface treatments on a wide range of materials by combining precision, efficiency and speed. Compact and durable, our machines will allow you to perform various operations:





The AMD 380 V3 is a single-sided 3-ring polishing machine with a compact design and powerful performance. Designed, engineered and manufactured to the highest standards, the AMD 380 V3 polishing machine is able to perform lapping, polishing, finishing, superfinishing and CMP operations on a wide variety of materials, from standard to exotic.

Thanks to their specific technical characteristics, our machines guarantee a work of impeccable quality while ensuring total safety of movement for the operator. Made of sturdy and light materials, our models promise quick installation and easy operation.

A sophisticated design for a simplified use

Discover our AMD 380 V3 model with its 15" tray, its protective cover and its touch screen.

A rotary plate with a speed of up to 200 rpm

An automatic safety cover

7" touch screen control

LED lighting without heating effect

Abrasive dispenser with flow control