The test center

For complete tests under real production conditions, we put at your disposal our customer test center where we carry out various tests in order to offer you a dedicated and 100% customized process. Our complete equipment as well as our experience acquired over the years allow us to act with efficiency and transparency to bring you the solution you need.

On the basis of precise specifications, we are able to establish totally customized processes in direct collaboration with the customer. This process allows us to maintain complete confidentiality with our partners. Take advantage of an intuitive experience surrounded by our technical team that will give you all the keys necessary to the success of your project.  

A 100% personalized experience

Because each project has its own identity and specificities, we offer you a complete support from the beginning to the end of the process. We are committed to guiding you step by step through the processing of your parts under real production conditions that you can reproduce directly in your workshop. We put at your disposal all our equipment including machines and consumables, while adapting to your own tools; our technical team will be able to offer you a 100% customized process based, for example, on the production capacities of your machines. Once the process has been validated, a complete test report is sent to the customer: it includes all the steps followed, the consumables used and the machine parameters set up. It will allow the customer to reproduce the process internally without any difficulty.

What is the procedure to follow?

Getting to know the project

We discuss your project together; we take note of your criteria and your objectives, while taking into account your equipment and your work possibilities. We then determine the feasibility of the project.

Analysis of the elements to be treated

Once we receive your parts, we analyze them in order to take note of their characteristics to apprehend the tests in the best possible conditions. We take note of all the information contained in your specifications.

Launching of the tests

The tests start: the whole process is explained to the customer, step by step. The different applications on the parts are detailed, in order to provide the customer with the necessary information to understand the whole process.

Post-testing support

Once the tests are completed, the parts are submitted to the customer for analysis. When the process is validated, a complete report is sent to the customer detailing all the steps as well as the consumables and equipment used. The customer can then order the products and reproduce the applications directly in his workshops. The installation of the equipment as well as the launching of the process can also be set up by our technical team.